How to cook Olson Pheasant Breast Fillets

Cooking time is based on a fillet weighing between 175g -200g, for smaller or larger fillets time will need to be adjusted slightly. These fillets cook just as successfully on a barbeque.

Bring fillets to room temperature before cooking.
Season skin only with coarse salt & freshly ground black pepper. Other freshly ground spices & herbs can be added to the S&P for extra flavour. E.g. Any or all of the following – juniper berries, allspice berries, cinnamon, thyme, bay leaf, cloves.
In a heavy based frying pan, heat approx. 30g butter & 2 Tbs olive oil until butter is foaming.
Place fillets, skin side down in pan. Fry at a steady sizzle for 8 minutes… you can set your timer and walk away.

Don’t be tempted to turn the fillets during this time. You may think they are burning or over-cooking, but they’re not, because our birds have an exceptional layer of fat covering their breast. This renders during frying, adding to the succulence of the meat and give a deliciously crisp skin.

After 8 minutes, reduce heat to lowest setting. Turn fillets and fry on the under side for 2 minutes (again set you timer). Lift fillet and you will notice that it is still pink in between the two sections of meat. Use your fingers to open this section slightly and place back in the pan, just long enough to colour the pink….. 10-15 seconds is usually all it takes. If your fillet is particularly thick you may need to use your tongs to hold thick edge in pan just to colour it.

But remember, fillet should still be faintly pink when served. Remove to a warm place to rest for approximately 7 minutes.

You will have plenty time to prepare a sauce of your choice during the first 8 minutes of cooking or during the 7 minute resting time… when you can use the pan juices.

To serve…use a very sharp cook’s knife to slice the fillet diagonally. Fan slightly onto a warm serving plate. I prefer to serve it with just a simple mixed green salad maybe with finely sliced red onion & toasted pine nuts… or a little freshly shaved parmesan).