The Olson Story



In 1968, Mallee wheat farmers, Peter and Lois Olson, with amazing foresight and courage, made the adventurous decision to establish a commercial game bird enterprise on their broad-acre wheat property just north of Swan Hill, Victoria. Adventurous, because at that time the Australian restaurant industry was very much in its infancy.

Without the internet or even computers, the Olsons faced huge challenges in sourcing breeding stock, acquiring specific information on game bird management and establishing markets. However, with the encouragement and support of new young European chefs…particularly the now-legendary Hermann Schneider, who remained a loyal customer until his retirement…Olson Game Birds thrived, prospered and expanded.

In 2015, this same business, begun as a daring venture, celebrates almost 50 years of providing an uninterrupted supply of genuine free range game birds to restaurants and food outlets throughout Australia.

Current owners, Ian and Ros Harbour purchased the business in 2016 and are proud to carry on the Olson name.
They have a passion and a commitment to producing only the finest quality table bird. To achieve this, the Harbour’s use selective breeding programs, have introduced new bloodlines and raise the birds in idyllic conditions…ranging free in vast enclosures in a habitat very similar to that of a bird in the wild.

Ian and Ros offer their unreserved assurance that no antibiotics or growth promotants are added to the grain-based diet of their birds and all farming practices adhere strictly to organic principles.